If you feel exhausted but don’t know how to get your energy back. If you have lost the sense of balance in your life.

If you feel overwhelmed, if you feel you have lost your bearings or your sense of identity, if you suffer from having no social connections.  If your work life is burning you out or is unstable or dissatisfying.

If you feel lost and out of tune in some (if not all) areas of your life but don’t know where to start to make things better.

If your relationship with your spouse, your children, your colleagues, suffers from all this yet you have no idea where to start in order to create the happy and connected life you deserve.

If you are an Expatriate and are experiencing some or all of the obstacles listed above.

It is time for change

I provide Life and Health coaching based on Eastern Ancient Wisdom – see “Coaching” page for more info. I am also a Chinese Medicine practitioner (acupuncture-phytotherapy-nutrition-massage) and am happy to have helped numerous internationals restore their physical and emotional health, find their bearings,  feel at home, find true meaning, purpose, connection, fulfillment and vitality in all areas of their life.

I firmly believe that a little help goes a long way in preventing chaotic life situations from becoming lasting life conditions. Solutions are within reach, it really is possible to make this journey just what it should be : an awakening, eye and heart opening “path” to your ideal life.

Start Now

I will soon be offering a free webinar where I will give tips and insights on how to kick start your journey to the life you want,  you can already sign up to secure your spot! 


See you soon !