Hexagram 11 of the I-Ching speaks about Peace, about the perfect natural equilibrium and harmony between heaven and earth, the texts describe an auspicious time in our lives when the conditions are right and good things happen naturally, as per magic.

The hexagram is composed of the symbols (trigrams) of “Heaven” below, and “Earth” above, which, to our western minds can feel a little awkward… opposite to the “right” order of things…

Yet, when we have studied the characteristics of each of these trigrams (in terms of yin/yang, 5 elements -also called movements- and much more) we know that one of Heaven’s attribute is to be yang as opposed to the Earth and to have an upward movement, and we know that the movement attributed to Earth, which is yin as opposed to Heaven, is a downward movement.

Being positioned this way, there IS communication between the two. One goes down, the other one up, they meet and merge and complement each other. 

Communication is indeed The foundation of any kind of lasting peace, whether it be peace in the world, or peace within the family or between partners, friends, colleagues etc.

Communication is also the basis for Peace within. How can we understand the disruptions in our Body and Mind if we are not “connected”, if we do not listen to the messages sent to us, in other words, if we do not pay attention to our emotions, to our physical pains, aches, if we do not respond to them by adjusting some thoughts or actions in a way that could make them feel better?

Can you relate to that?