How can we approach this year with wisdom?

Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, focusing not a fixed date but rather on the subtle beginnings of spring, characterised by, among other factors, lengthening days and shorter nights.

In the realm of Chinese astrology, every year is characterised by the fusion of one of the 12 zodiac signs with one of the 5 elemental forces of nature. This blending showcases distinctive qualities associated with both the chosen animal and the inherent properties of Wood. Thus, the upcoming year will be heralded as the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, these tips hold value as general pieces of wisdom for realigning and centering yourself.

As a small example, here’s what I shared on my Facebook page on 25 January 2020, before the emergence of Covid, when there were no indications of its presence yet. 

”This year will be prone to what Chinese medicine calls ‘wind cold’ invasions, which translates in Western medicine as colds, flus, viruses of all kinds, arthritis, so, think prevention : warm baths, soaking the feet in warm (salty) water, wear gloves, hats and scarves, wear kidney-belly warmers (large cotton belt), drink honey and lemon teas”

Little did we know !

In what ways is the year of the Wood Dragon supposed to affect us, our work, our health, our personal life, in 2024? 

The Dragon is considered a symbol of power and strength. People born under the Dragon sign are believed to possess strong personalities and are often natural leaders. Often idealists, they tend to be independent, charismatic, ambitious, courageous, but also temperamental.

How can we best adjust and thrive in 2024?


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the element Wood is associated with the Liver organ which is itself associated with several characteristics and functions :

The Liver (viewed in TCM as a system rather than a mere organ) plays a central role in maintaining physical and emotional well-being. It regulates the flow of vital energy (Qi) throughout the body. When the liver Qi is smooth and free-flowing, it promotes overall health and vitality. When it stagnates however, it can lead to emotional disturbances such as irritability, mood swings, anger and depression.

In the upcoming year, it will be essential to prioritise our emotional equilibrium by :

Embracing the concept of ‘going with the flow,’ by, for instance, letting go of unnecessary worry or concerns about unimportant things, choosing our battles wisely.

Not holding on to old hurts, resentment, not staying stuck in the past.

Engaging in gentle, regular exercise such as walking, yoga, qigong (shaking exercises in particular) or tai chi, to release pent up emotions.

Practicing breathing exercises to facilitate energy circulation in the upper body in particular.

Practicing stress-reducing techniques such as mindfulness meditation or acupuncture to help alleviate emotional tension and promote liver health.

Expressing Emotions, finding healthy outlets for expressing anger, frustration or resentment. This can include journaling, talking to a trusted friend or therapist, engaging in creative activities.

Limiting alcohol consumption and avoiding recreational drugs, as they can impair liver function and contribute to qi stagnation.

Aiming for consistent, quality sleep each night to support overall health and prevent imbalances that can affect liver function.

Incorporating lots of green vegetables and sour and fermented food in your diet, this will help support the liver’s detoxification, and clear out the toxins which contribute to qi stagnation.

Businesswise :

Creativity (dragons are artistic) will be an important aspect to consider in your work. How can you bring more of it?

It is a favourable time for growth and extension.

Embracing change,  being flexible and adaptable will likely be key during the Year of the Wood Dragon. Businesses which can adapt to evolving circumstances and embrace innovative technologies for instance, or new work methods, are likely to thrive.

The Wood Dragon is associated with strong leadership qualities. This could be a time for emerging leaders to step into positions of authority and for existing leaders to empower their teams to achieve success.

It will be about collaboration and networking (the Dragon is associated with the Earth element): building strong networks and collaborating with others may be particularly beneficial during the Year of the Wood Dragon. Partnerships and collaborations could lead to mutually beneficial opportunities for growth and success.
The Earth aspect of the Dragon also symbolises the planet Earth. Companies which prioritise sustainability and social consciousness are likely to be favoured.


The Year of the Wood Dragon may involve increased stability, growth, deeper connections, as well as passion.

Romantic relationships have a good potential to progress to the next level.

Scatteredness can impact the ability to make wise choices when it comes to relationships and communication, so remain grounded and centered to avoid being carried away too easily.

Be mindful of the initial signs of irritability or anger as they may arise more readily. Practice deep listening and loving speech, a communication technique advocated by Zen mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.


Wishing you success, health, love, abundance and joy !



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