In our non stop fast paced productivity-oriented often burnt-out society, we tend to forget we are a part of nature.

Tonight is the first full moon of the New Year of the Dragon.

Ancient China understood the importance of living in harmony with the seasons and moon cycles, recognising that doing so allows us to harness their energy and power.

Our productivity could greatly benefit from this wisdom, improving our efficiency while preserving our body and mind’s health. 


Sustainability should not only be applied to a concept of earth as a separate entity, detached from its inhabitants… Sustainability should begin with our own body. Taking care of our bodies is the first step of awareness, naturally leading us to then take care of our planet…

We prefer to look outside, while being unaware that in the meantime we are continuing to misuse, neglect and exhaust our own bodies ressources, thinking their energy supply will always be there to support us. 


The changes that occur in nature during the four seasons are more noticeable to the inattentive observer than the ones happening with the cycles of the moon. 

However, it is interesting to observe the influence of the moon on the ocean, when the moon is new or full, the ocean experiences a stronger pull, resulting in stronger tides.

From a body perspective, have you ever noticed how the moon’s cycle matches a woman’s cycle in terms of pattern and length?

Like the waning and waxing phases of the moon, we can learn to balance our phases of activity and rest.


The first quarter moon, from the new moon (Yin) to the full moon (Yang) symbolises growth and momentum. This time is good for planning, brainstorming, new beginnings. Activity is encouraged bearing in mind a sense of equilibrium between relaxation and productivity.

The full moon marks the peak in terms of energy and activity. However be mindful not to overexert yourself. It is a time to think about what needs to be relased (in the next phase), what is no longer serving you, your business, your relationships, etc…

The second quarter moon, from the full moon (Yang) to the new moon (Yin) symbolises releasing and letting go. It is a phase which encourages tying up lose ends, focusing on details, finishing projects and reflecting on lessons learned.

In terms of body movement, it is advised to engage in gentle physical activities like restorative breathing exercises and qigong and yoga.

The new moon is good for introspection, reflection, evaluation.


Productivity is often measured in terms of quantity rather than quality.

Balancing rest and activity wisely in this manner requires less effort, less time and is considerably more apt to foster smart decisions, which in turn result in improved outcomes, enjoyment of the process and sustained energy.

I’d be curious to find out whether aligning rest and activity with the phases of nature and considering the principles of yin and yang to cultivate balance and harmony while enhancing self-care and well being are concepts which resonate with you? 






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