A few words about Karine-Kayitesi:

Karine-Kayitesi Ponting offers unique coaching programs to help people find and keep health, happiness, meaning and purpose and to help Expatriates in particular and their families feel at home and grounded while they are going through change and transitions.

She is half French half Congolese/Rwandese, she has herself lived in various countries  in Africa and Europe and has traveled extensively all over the world. She is currently living in The Netherlands with her British/Irish husband and her son.

She is an Expert and Pioneer in Life Coaching based on Ancient Wisdom principles, one of her great source of inspiration being the I-Ching (The Book of Change). She has developed this specialty over the last 20 years of working with the I-Ching and the last 10 years of taking care of patients (mainly Expatriates) in her Health Practice (she is a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner).

The I-Ching is a 3000-year-old Chinese Classic Book called ‘the Book of Change’, timeless, full of wisdom and practical advice applicable to modern life. It gave birth to Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese Medicine, and much more. To know more go to the I-Ching article on this website.

Her unique approach is based on:

  • Her extensive knowledge of the foundational Life principles at the core of the I-Ching and other Ancient Wisdom sources
  • Her ability to translate these ancient precious life principles and make them easily applicable to a modern and international setting where people face challenges as they are experiencing major life transitions
  • Her knowledge of Body and Mind Health (she is a certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner) and her broad experience in helping hundreds of Internationals find physical and psychological health
  • Her personal experience as an Expatriate creating her dream life despite challenging situations
  • Her extensive knowledge and personal experience in self-development tools and literature
  • Her commited practice of Mindfulness

Her unique coaching process helps her clients:

  • Get a better perspective of their life situation
  • Reconnect with themselves to dig into their own ressources
  • Discover precious empowering “life-living tools” they can make their own and use throughout life
  • Harmonise their relationships (love, family, work, friendships)
  • Step out of loneliness and isolation and find connection
  • Regain physical energy and stamina and maintain it
  • Find meaning and purpose (work, love, projects)
  • Balance and harmonize all aspects of their life (life changes, relationships, family, work, purpose, spirituality), transforming them into abundant and free flowing sources of satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.

Karine-Kayitesi holds:

  • Certifications and 20 years experience in I-Ching reading, studying and counselling
  • A Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Massage, Dietetics)
  • A Graduate degree in Western Medicine Foundations
  • A Masters Degree in English Literature and Civilisation

After working for several years both in private and international organisations, she made a carrer shift to turn her passion (Health and Eastern Wisdom) into a profession. That is when she became a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and an Eastern Ancient Wisdom life coach.

On a personal level, she has also faced her own trials and errors and used and tested the tools she is offering.

“Helping people has been a natural thing. From an early age, people would reach out to me, confide and seek support for their issues. I have on a personal level faced my own trials and errors and have used and tested the tools I am now offering to others. I would like to empower Internationals who are struggling to find health, balance and fulfilment in their chaotic modern lives…”