A Thriving Modern Life, Anywhere, With Ancient Wisdom

Happy Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon!

How can we approach this year with wisdom? Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, focusing not a fixed date but rather on the subtle beginnings of spring, characterised by, among other factors, lengthening days and shorter nights. In the realm of Chinese astrology, every year is characterised by the fusion of one of the 12 zodiac signs with one of the 5 elemental forces of nature. This blending showcases.. Read More

Is This Love?

Are you like Bob Marley, wondering if what you are feeling is love? Is this love? What is true love? Have you found the one? the one and only? Who is your soulmate? Is there more than one? Love has taken different shapes and forms throughout history, and is far from being a universal concept. Modern Love We now look for love as if we were looking for the newest.. Read More

Why Self Care is not just about Bubble Baths and Massages

In an era marked by burn out, how can we truly take care of ourselves? An article I read a few days ago inspired me to dig deeper into the subject and share with you perspectives from ancient wisdom. The article was about burn out and how millenials (persons reaching adulthood in the early 21st century) are so prone to it: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/annehelenpetersen/millennials-burnout-generation-debt-work?fbclid=IwAR2jHIW1hIt8tdIytAsiMq2uGKvPKRFff3lROMqRhO7FBC8MMKWX58zcv8A Do you feel tired? Beyond exhausted? Living the.. Read More

*The Expat Winter Survival Kit

Whether you are celebrating Xmas or not, Winter time is, most likely for you, as an Expat in your adopted country, synonymous with a well deserved winter holiday! There’s a lot of magic around this time of the year: sparkly Christmas decorations, majestic snowy trees, and much more. And yet, especially for busy Expats like you, there is a not so magical twist to this holiday season … First of all That ever present winter question.. Read More

* Standstill and Autumn

Feeling stuck? Ask Ancient Eastern Wisdom for help… You most certainly (and even more likely so as an expatriate) have been, are going or will go through the challenging moment described in Hexagramme 12 of the I-Ching, also called Adversity, Stagnation or Standstill. Everyone and anyone can experience this, for expats it can present itself in the form of: cultural challenges, administrative hickups, language barriers, laws and regulations issues, difficulty to find.. Read More

* Peace within and without

Hexagram 11 of the I-Ching speaks about Peace, about the perfect natural equilibrium and harmony between heaven and earth, the texts describe an auspicious time in our lives when the conditions are right and good things happen naturally, as per magic. The hexagram is composed of the symbols (trigrams) of “Heaven” below, and “Earth” above, which, to our western minds can feel a little awkward… opposite to the “right” order of things….. Read More

* Learn a New Way to Detox Your Body and Mind This Autumn

Autumn Detox Breathing

AUTUMN DETOX IS ABOUT LETTING GO… According to Chinese Medicine, there are 2 seasons during the year when detoxing is recommended and will bring on optimal results. One is Spring (see How to make the most of Summer and Spring), and the other one is Autumn. Respecting the basic rules and rhythms of nature is part and parcel of ancient Chinese medicine and wisdom principles. Therefore, aligning yourself to nature’s.. Read More