A Thriving Modern Life, Anywhere, With Ancient Wisdom

* Learn a New Way to Detox Your Body and Mind This Autumn

Autumn Detox Breathing

AUTUMN DETOX IS ABOUT LETTING GO… According to Chinese Medicine, there are 2 seasons during the year when detoxing is recommended and will bring on optimal results. One is Spring (see How to make the most of Summer and Spring), and the other one is Autumn. Respecting the basic rules and rhythms of nature is part and parcel of ancient Chinese medicine and wisdom principles. Therefore, aligning yourself to nature’s.. Read More

* Modern Goals the Ancient Way

The beginning of the year is all about setting up goals! Deep inside, we all feel a new year is an opportunity for change. What is going to change for you? Do you want more money? More work? More time with yourself? with your children? More fun? More friends? But more importantly maybe, how would you like to FEEL this year? Are you ready for a year that will bring you.. Read More