A Thriving Modern Life, Anywhere, With Ancient Wisdom

* Modern Goals the Ancient Way

The beginning of the year is all about setting up goals! Deep inside, we all feel a new year is an opportunity for change. What is going to change for you? Do you want more money? More work? More time with yourself? with your children? More fun? More friends? But more importantly maybe, how would you like to FEEL this year? Are you ready for a year that will bring you.. Read More

*The Expat Winter Survival Kit

Whether you are celebrating Xmas or not, Winter time is, most likely for you, as an Expat in your adopted country, synonymous with a well deserved winter holiday! There’s a lot of magic around this time of the year: sparkly Christmas decorations, majestic snowy trees, and much more. And yet, especially for busy Expats like you, there is a not so magical twist to this holiday season … First of all That ever present winter question.. Read More

* Standstill and Autumn

Feeling stuck? Ask Ancient Eastern Wisdom for help… You most certainly (and even more likely so as an expatriate) have been, are going or will go through the challenging moment described in Hexagramme 12 of the I-Ching, also called Adversity, Stagnation or Standstill. Everyone and anyone can experience this, for expats it can present itself in the form of: cultural challenges, administrative hickups, language barriers, laws and regulations issues, difficulty to find.. Read More

* Peace within and without

Hexagram 11 of the I-Ching speaks about Peace, about the perfect natural equilibrium and harmony between heaven and earth, the texts describe an auspicious time in our lives when the conditions are right and good things happen naturally, as per magic. The hexagram is composed of the symbols (trigrams) of “Heaven” below, and “Earth” above, which, to our western minds can feel a little awkward… opposite to the “right” order of things….. Read More

* The I-Ching

The unique coaching method I use is based on Eastern Ancient Wisdom principles. Amongst the substantial quantity of material I have explored, studied and applied to life, my greatest source of inspiration remains The I-Ching, also called The Book of Change. Life is All about Change… “The only constant is change”, said Heraclitus (Greek philosopher). The I-Ching is an Ancient Classic Chinese book filled with Wisdom, and particularly wise advice about how.. Read More

* Darkening of the Light

How does it feel to be stuck in darkness? Why do we all prefer the Light? Hexagram 36 of the I-Ching gives us many insights into these questions. To some degree, we have all experienced, are all experiencing, or will all experience times when : Everything we try to do is complicated and just fails We feel transparent, unloved, unheard (our sense of identity is being challenged) We feel isolated, lonely.. Read More

* “The Expat Rescue Remedy” for free to get you started

Hello! If you are an Expat and are ready to take your life to a new level and feel balanced, happy, and fulfilled, at home and at work, here is a gift to help you start this journey : I would love you to benefit from this FREE online seminar full of valuable tips and insights : THE EXPAT RESCUE REMEDY FREE WEBINAR (SORRY THE WEBINAR IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE MOMENT, BUT WILL BE SOON,.. Read More